The weather has been warmer and that means more walks out in nature and parks!


It’s nice to see plant life when you live where it’s 90% winter.
Turkey vultures roosting for the evening. They migrate from the south to the midwest during the summer. It was my first time seeing so many big birds in one place!




Picking a fight with an elusive Mr. Crawfish.

It was the first time I’d seen a crawfish that wasn’t bright red in a pile or in someone’s mouth.




Deer skull?
A vertebrae– so intact! This was found near the skulls (above and below),
Probably from a young coyote.

★ ★ ★

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 12.14.57 AM.png
A sample checklist of all the books I haven’t read. There’s almost 50 titles.



Checklists are such a lifesaver. I don’t know how I’d operate day-to-day without using some type of list or planner.





Hosted a graduate student conference in March and it was awesome. We spent months planning the event, the logistics involved was crazy.



★ ★ ★

Kiki holding a ball and me holding a card of encouragement.



I ran through what was probably a mini-tornado today with my mom. It started raining when we were out celebrating my early research project defense– one of many benchmarks in the PhD program– over dinner. Innocuously at first, then it became an utter downpour. We thought it would be a good idea to make a run for it, Mom prepped for it by taking off her pain inducing shoes, and then we got soaked head to toe in what felt like ice water. It stung when all my mascara got blasted into my eyes. Yes, I screamed. The streets and sidewalks were flooding and the rain turned to small specks of hail. It was like something out of a movie, or the Twister ride at Universal Studios, and I laughed the whole time (Mom was a little frightened).


Kiki was super scared. He camped out on the stairs because he knew he couldn’t come upstairs, but he didn’t want to be alone either.



On our way home, many drivers seemed to be in panic mode and wanted to get home as soon as possible. During a red light at a left turn, the car in front of us kept going forward and hit another car. There was a police vehicle parked nearby to stop people from passing under a flooded bridge. It was amusing to watch the man who hit the car start to call the police when they were practically standing next to one. The cops probably didn’t want to get wet.




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