My Top 5 Webtoon Picks for Best Comedy

Since writing the last post on Webtoons, I’ve realized how many comics I’ve actually read and had enough left over to create a comedy category.


1. 1111 Animals (complete)
“What is going on?” It’s better not to fight 1111. Just go with the random flow.


2. The Sound of Your Heart (ongoing)
Once I got used to the slightly creepy and strange art style, I started laughing at the many jokes and references the author sneaks in multiple panels. The timeline is a bit confusing as it skips around from each episode, but a worthwhile read for those of tired of pretty shonen and shoujo styles. There’s also a live action on Netflix I’ve yet seen.


3. Lunarbaboon (ongoing)
The author deals with his depression through drawing web comics. It’s largely based on his life with his wife and two kids. On some days it goes from 0 to 100 real fast…


4. Poorly Drawn Lines (ongoing)
Poorly Drawn Lines is a collection of random episodes often featuring animals. There are a few reoccurring characters throughout, but don’t count on them to show up every time.


5. New Normal: Class 8 (ongoing)
I’ve put in too much time into this series to not put it on the list. New Normal starts out with an strong cast of unconventional characters and the love affairs that happen in between them, but at some point the plot begins to read like an average Korean drama. Maybe students of class 8 aren’t so different from other high schoolers after all.


6. Webcomic Name (ongoing)
Oh no! It’s number 6 in a top 5 list.


Honorable mentions:
Illusions of Adulting
Blue Chair
Live with Yourself!

What’s your recommendation for funny comics?



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