My Dreams for the Week: Original Creepy Crawlies, Plague Doctor, and Hamlet

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I’m having dreams nearly every night. From conversation with friends and family, it sounds like most people don’t have vivid dreams or remember them much in detail. The tamest dreams I’ve had so far was about me tutoring 3 kindergarteners and eating an incredibly delicious hot pot with my boyfriend.


Coraline, but with cockroaches

Coraline (2009)

The old house/mansion made built out of walnut wood. I had essentially the same type of evil mom from Coraline, but I wasn’t bothered by her. The twist were these two cockroach-like creatures.

The outer shell looked like a ladybug, the legs like a spider’s. On the inside was the body of the cockroach. A ladyroach?

My evil mom had them trapped in a container designed to capture them, but somehow they managed to crawl out. I spent my time trying to get them back in the container again without having to touch them. For a few seconds I even thought they were cute, before being flat out disgusted by all their wiggly legs and antennas.

Weird hybrid slug… far worse than yellow ladyroaches.

This is a throw back to an earlier nightmare about a huge pit of slugs, slabs of meat, and muskrats devouring each other. In the same dream, a bird and a worm fought until death and the worm won when it drilled itself through the bird. This was around the time I watched Planet Earth II.


Masked doctor, a bachelor


Medieval times, somewhere in Europe. People were dying of disease and people were using that as coverup for murder. I was pot-bellied male doctor that wore a crow-shaped mask and white gloves. I dressed like an aristocrat and carried a medic bag.

The dream wasn’t focused on me, but on two young women. The first brunette lady didn’t want to wed me, an aristocrat, and cried in her mansion. The second lady was lower class, a commoner, who lived with her sick father. Her orange hair was tied in two buns on the top of her head. She knew she wouldn’t love me, but she was willing to marry in order to escape her life of poverty. Her father’s protests stopped when he realized her life could be better by marrying a doctor.


I realized later that plague doctors wore bird-like masks. Maybe I learned about it in history class and forgot? Or maybe I was a fat plague doctor in a previous life.


Starring in Hamlet

2014-09-29 18_25_30 +00001
was I comparable to Mel Gibson?

I played Hamlet in a stage production of Hamlet. I wondered who played Claudius. I couldn’t find my costume and wig. There was a group trying to sabotage the play, but everything ended up being fine, except there was an hour delay to the play. I could hear impatient grumbles from the audience.

After frantically tucking my hair under the wig, I didn’t like the way it looked. I thought the length was too long and I looked too feminine. I asked if anyone had seen a shorter wig, one that was more convincing of my role. The backstage was also connected to a grocery store. I walked with someone, maybe an assistant, looking for a better wig. We passed fruits and bouquets of flowers for sale.


Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 3.31.28 PM.png
only dreams that are too long

Want more weird dreams? Here’s the time I dreamt about meeting my boyfriend’s parents, a zombie apocalypse, and Beyoncé.




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