4 Life Lessons Learned in 2017

It’s this time once again. Happy new year!

Is time passing as fast for you as it is for me?


1. Yoga is amazing. Never have I ever known how many knots I had in my body and how much it hurt to unwind them. Yoga is a wonderful alternative to get blood flowing without vigorous weightlifting or strenuous cardio, although going from pose to pose is no joke.

knead me like one of your pretzels

I started not being able to sit crosslegged comfortably. That’s how tense I was! It only took a few sessions to notice increased flexibility. I highly encourage anyone who sits for the majority of the day (like me) to try yoga. Your body will thank you for it.

Practice yoga to keep up with your dog, your kid, and negate your hours of stagnant Netflixing!

I currently use Down Dog, free from the app store. It only has pictures of each pose performed, but detailed audio instruction. Prior to that I used FitStar Yoga, which shows video instead of pictures. I prefer Down Dog over FitStar for its customization over each lesson, including ‘boosts’ for particular exercises that help open the chest, strengthen the core, or increase flexibility.

Increased blood flow gives you better digestion, right? I want to eat more food… I need to exercise more…


2. Mobile apps are scary addictive. Speaking of apps, I’ve literally spent hours on them. I check mail every few minutes knowing that most people probably wouldn’t be checking their mail on Christmas, but I do it anyway. My latest obsession is Dream Town Story from Kairosoft, the same company that produced Bon Bon Cakery.

I thought I’d save a lot of time by deleting Facebook from my phone, but now that time’s spent on Instagram (which is also owned by Facebook… let me go, Mark!). At least I’m looking at pictures of cute piglets and puppies instead of turning depressed from looking at my timeline all day. Seriously, we need to start teaching about the impacts of using social media in public schools.


3. Choosing to love is hard. Families are insane. Both of my parents are the eldest out of four siblings, and when there’s drama, there’s drama. I learned that I can’t change who I’m related to, but I can change my attitude, behavior, and outlook.

When life gives you poop, you pick it up so no one after steps in it and you keep going! >:0

Maybe I’m socially withdrawing into my own little world, but maintaining relationships seem to take a lot of work. It seems hard to stay up-to-date with people I don’t see on the weekly basis. It’s also interesting to me the different paths my friends and colleagues are taking and how they’re changing as individuals. What will stay the same and be different the next time I talk to them?

Last year I said being in a relationship is difficult. While that’s still true, I want to add that they can also be enriching and fulfilling. Communication is key. Many white hair inducing arguments of mine can be traced back to misunderstanding. Controlling instinctive reactions (I’m right, you’re wrong!), being patient, understanding, and most of all kind (to both yourself and to your partner!) has helped me the most. There’s this little quiz on finding out your love language too, which may shed light on what’s important to you and your partner.

My friend and I have the same birth date. I forced everyone to go to McDonald’s after dinner.


4. Love is hard, but writing is harder. This may be me complaining as a grad student… It’s been hammered into us that writing will play a huge role in our careers. Some people write for four hours every morning, others write at night until the sun rises. I’ve had a hard time finding the right time and place to churn out pages. I’m not going at a pace I thought I would. I’ll find it in 2018, hopefully…

Taking the time to sort out thoughts and write them down in a succinct, non-bias way is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. Learning to write in an academic voice has been challenging too, since I love my *handpicked, well selected, honey dripped* adjectives and hard science does not. Maybe I’ll just get discovered at a cafe while writing and then have the story milked out by Hollywood. Call me S.F. Yowling.

Instead of Hedwig, I would have Kiki. Never knew why dogs weren’t Hogwarts pets…


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times are ruff


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