My Top 5 Webtoon Picks for Best Narrative

Reading Garfield in the Sunday newspaper was what first got me into comics. Even now between work, classes, and other life stuff, comics remain one of my primary source of entertainment. Here are some of my favorite stories so far:


1. Yumi’s Cells (ongoing)
One of the first Webtoons I read, and by far my favorite. Yumi’s Cells follows Yumi, a maturing office worker at a Korean company. The main stars of the story are Yumi’s “cells,” or the inner workings of Yumi. Each “cell” represents a different emotion, and the story focuses on them working together and/or debating and coming in conflict against one another as Yumi faces different scenarios. Think Inside Out, but more complex.



2. ShootAround (complete)
ShootAround sparked from a Webtoons contest and has garnered a loyal following for good reason. The story’s got one of the most diverse casts I’ve ever seen/read, with many progressive relationships that almost bashes one’s face in how liberal it is. Oh, and did I mention this takes place during a zombie apocalypse?



3. Tales of the Unusual (ongoing)
I hate horror, but I couldn’t stop reading this once I started. Creepy, eery, and altogether disturbing, Tales of the Unusual is a collection of different tales and myths often involving the supernatural or mental disturbances. The stories are told in a consistent manner all throughout with some stories being more explicit than others. If you’re feeling brave, try reading it in the dark…



4. Heroine Chic (ongoing)
Instead of superheros consistently pursuing the bad guys and vice versa, Heroine Chic turns the tables and focuses on Zoe, a rising fashion designer behind those flowing superhero capes. Heroine Chic’s plot involves plenty of drama and mystery, with less emphasis on action than a typical superhero comic.



5. CARL (ongoing)
Most recently got into this series about CARL, a robot psychiatrist in-training who questions his own existence and juggles his increasing self-awareness with his desire to please his “dad,” or his creator. This comic raises moral questions and comes in good timing with the rise of A.I. like Sophia, Siri, and Alexa.


Bum zone is the worst.

Honorable mentions:
Athena Complex
Big Jo
The Badguys
Nano List

Leave the title of your favorite Webtoon in the comments!


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