My Top 4 Longest Played Mobile Games [2017]

When I decided to quit my MMORPG addiction, it left a hole in my heart and my schedule. I couldn’t bear it. In other words, I substituted mobile games in place of desktop games. Does that really count as quitting an addiction? No, but we’ll take what we can get. I do owe mobile games for their ability to distract from responsibilities and the numbing effect of doing the same thing over and over again.

I can’t be the only one that felt kinda bad for the zombies right

“Brains,” said a wise one from Plants vs. Zombies. Here are the top 4 mobile games that have sapped my time in the most delightful and entertaining way possible:


1. Candy Crush Saga
If you talk mobile games, you’ve got to start with a mobile classic. Remember when Farmville and Candy Crush notifications were all you got on Facebook? That was about five years ago with its initial release in 2012 (commence “feeling old”). I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent playing CC on my own, and next to a friend so we could continuously send extra lives to each other.


I preferred the old graphics instead of their new design. Simplicity is beautiful! Also have no idea what’s going on here.

What was the highest level you’ve gotten to?


2. Dungeon & Puzzle
I found Dungeon & Puzzle purely by chance and got hooked instantly. D&P is like a mix of advanced Pokemon (i.e., stats matter) with Bejeweled. Though the whole interface may be overwhelming at first, the striking gameplay effects make you feel like you’ve accomplished a lot just by matching a few colored pieces together. To date, D&P is probably one of the most well-balanced games I’ve played when it comes to scaffolding levels and providing the player with enough incentive to keep grinding through. And yes, your monsters can evolve just like Pokemon.



3. Fate/Grand Order
Also known as FateGO, it’s a relatively new game on the app store based on the adult visual novel Fate/stay night. Similar to D&P, there’s a lot of grinding in order to level up and change your characters’ costumes ever so slightly. Instead of Bejeweled, FG‘s gameplay model is more akin to Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, a turn-based RPG game involving a deck of cards. The level of strategy that’s (sometimes) involved in FG keeps things interesting.

Start screen
Characters to level up

I’ve never heard of the Fate series prior to FG, but the gameplay is so well thought out that I didn’t need any prior knowledge to have fun. Note: it’s hard to keep the momentum going once you hit a wall and are forced to wait for the next English patch.



4. Bonbon Bakery
I used to dream of being a baker. Now that dream has come true with Bonbon Bakery, a pixel version of everything a bakery business owner would want: a kitchen where endless pastries can be created, domestic and international contests to win and to garner reputation, and all sorts of customers who file in with their own likes & dislikes and budget.


The continuation of growing the business is what attracts me the most about BB, as there are multiple modes, ingredients, and contests to unlock. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might even spot stray dogs on the street or get a visit from a hurriedly walking monkey.



What’s your favorite mobile game? Let me know in the comments!



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