Collection of Random Thoughts [AUG17]

What’s worse than having a pimple just a few days before school starts? Having the pimple on your eyelid. Then realizing it’s not a pimple. It’s a chalazia, which sounds like a Pokemon. Its special ability is not hurting your eye but remaining on your face for an entire month, and it’s red as a cherry tomato. Great! 

Thankfully, after performing all the home remedies I could find online, the swelling went down before the first day of school and didn’t end up growing into the size of a small pea (seriously, and they can get even bigger!). I had to go to work and eat at a restaurant with it, but people were cordial and chose to ignore the protruding red dot on my eyelid. Thank god for American civility.


Summer flew by. The majority of my days were occupied with work. Outside of that I spent time drawing and chilling with family. Below are the most entertaining parts of the past 2-3 months:

FullSizeRender 6
I’m part of the exhibit

The Jurassic Exhibit was surprisingly short, but amazing. Though obviously machines, the dinosaurs’ movements seemed natural– almost alive!– and their huge scale made me feel tiny in comparison. I kept thinking, “Why would anyone actually want to go to Jurassic Park in real life?” Even the herbivores were intimidating!

So big and dry looking
A worker told us everything we saw was used on the set of the actual movie. How cool is that!

SPOILER ALERT: There’s a part of the exhibit where there’s a cage and a guy comes out in a dinosaur costume. I volunteered to be the one that shat her pants when the thing snapped its jaws real close to your face, but a nearby lady was also just as scared and that made me feel better.


Kiki is turning 12-years-old next year and is slowing down in some ways. He doesn’t tug the leash like crazy anymore! This summer he got to visit a lake and a beach for the first time, stared at half-naked people and seagulls overhead, and went on lots of walks.

FullSizeRender 9
I ate 5 of those homemade buns. Kiki was jealous
Splashing some water onto his paws to cool off
FullSizeRender 11
He still loves bananas!
I always forget how small he is in comparison


I finally got to visit my longtime friend who works at the Indianapolis Zoo. They had a live session where tropical birds literally flew from their cage onto the stage, then flew back to their cage on their own. The birds flew past right above our heads, and my friend claimed to have felt one of their feathers brush against his hair. I have no idea how they managed to train the birds to stay within the confines of the zoo.

It was a good day to chill in the pool
FullSizeRender 10
We got to feed parakeets with sticks. This chubby thing surprised me from behind as it landed
FullSizeRender 8
Okay, this was from the Lincoln Park Zoo. Still within the zoo theme though. They don’t have their wolf exhibit anymore, so I had to pose with what was available

The words every trainer that day kept using was “positive reinforcement”. I guess it helps  that the animals have spent their whole life in cages?


I seem to sleep well anywhere but in my bed. Afternoon naps have been a thing this summer. It’s a good nap when you don’t care who’s taking photos of you.


FullSizeRender 7
BF and I spruced up the pre-drawn penguins
FullSizeRender 12
Dinner with my lab group. I thought I hated fondue, but it wasn’t bad that day!
Pokeberries! Apparently they’re very poisonous. I would die on my first day in the wild
FullSizeRender 4
I love the sky we get to see everyday here
We took him to a garden after our walk in the park
FullSizeRender 13
Franken-touille, the monstrosity that was an attempt at making ratatouille
I got this little guy for my birthday. Pootaro the Black Shiba! He looks pretty serious here, don’t you think?




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