Collection of Random Thoughts [JUNE17]

  • Chicago’s Art Institute has a new-ish exhibit!

I’m really excited about Field Museum‘s Jurassic World. LARGE DINOS! I’ve had my eye on the exhibition since they announced it in spring.



  • Here’s an update on the ice cream game! A very, very basic demo is complete. I’ve decided to name it Cold Business. Get it?

    I’m waiting for my advisor’s feedback. Fingers crossed!


  • I haven’t been sleeping well. Today  I woke up in a state of panic with my hand on my chest. Yesterday I had a dream I was hunting slimy baby aliens with my partner. Another day I had a dream my parents were drug dealers (Dad flashed me a wad of cash when he came in the house) and I had to cover up for them again. Sometimes I have dreams of me trying to sleep but I’m in another house. I guess it’s better than when I used to have dreams of me working or being late to class or an exam.

    This plant is so cute.


  • Regret has been on my mind a lot lately. I wonder why I don’t have the courage to face people the way I want to. The more time passes, the more I think I could’ve handled certain situations a lot differently. Most of these instances involve another person’s feelings. I can be pretty brash.The majority of issues I faced could’ve been resolved if I had been more honest with both myself and the other person.
    I love seeing the sky in the countryside.

    I have a habit of wanting to avoid confrontation, but it wasn’t really about avoiding confrontation with the person— I should’ve thought of it as confrontation with the problem. If the problem wasn’t going to away, even if the problem was one-sided, the relationship between me and the other person would inevitably deteriorate.

    WIP 1k puzzle

    I could’ve saved some relationships if I had been more fearless. Sometimes I think about trying to salvage what I can now or trying to explain myself to the other person, but that seems selfish on my part. The only thing I’m left with is regret and experience. I want to say I will be more courageous in the future but I’m skeptical.


  • Kayla got married! And bought a house. #adultlife


  • Trying to doodle everyday and not care what anyone thinks in the process.

The guy’s running from his soda addiction, alcohol use, bills, fear of death, lack of savings, money spent on women, and want for money… not that you can really tell without me saying so. I guess that tells you the level of the artist!





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