I Owned an Online Store in 2011

Back in 2011, I sold art and accessories online. Only 2-3 people close to me knew about it… some things I sold were and are embarrassing. I’m trying to be more open and honest about my interests and hobbies with other people. Anyway, it’s good to learn from experience, right?

In the beginning I struggled a lot with pricing. I failed to calculate costs and labor accurately. Sometimes I’d end up paying the customers to buy off my item! The whole experience taught me a lot about branding and building clientele. Having a clear vision is a must. It’s attractive to have your own style and flaunt it.



One of my current projects is launching an online store under okaouca. Around the time I made the name, I was a huge fan of Okami. I shortened it to “Oka” when I played online games.


I was also a fan of Ouka from .hack

This time around I’ll do better than the last. Stay tuned!


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