Collection of Random Thoughts [MAY17]

  • Finished the first year in grad program, yay! Many books to be read and jobs to be done. I’m working at the university over the summer… it will be productive.



  • Spontaneously bought tickets for one of boyfriend’s favorite bands, Sabaton! It was my first metal concert. The crowd was a lot more courteous and polite than the ones at hiphop concerts; hardly anyone pushed themselves towards the front and people would sometimes excuse themselves as they walked past you.




It was also my first time seeing a mosh pit, which just seemed like a bunch of men with too much energy pushing/shoving one another. They’d help each other up and then ram themselves into another person (I don’t get it?). There were big guys standing on the outside of the ring that pushed the mosh pit inwards. You can sort of see them during the encore:


  • IMG_1736
    this guy.

    Went downtown to a “carnival”, but it was more like a group of pyros performing on a blocked off street. There was nothing else at the event except some hula hoops on the ground for kids to play and an artist who was long done with her painting demo. They coulda made money off selling some cotton candy or buttered up popcorn…


  • Warm weather = more walks outside. My family went out for ice cream after a trail. You work out so you can eat more, that’s how it works, right?




It feels like I take a lot of things, like hiking + ice cream, for granted because I’m so accustomed to it. I’ve been living in the same town for 18ish years. I wonder how I’ll feel when I move elsewhere… I bet I’d become homesick right away.


  • My blog posts are slowly becoming monthly updates. THIS SHALL NOT PASS!


Problem is I’m having trouble coming up with things to write about.


  • Back in April… for some reason, I kept making eye contract with short, older women who couldn’t reach the top of shelves at Meijer. One lady was trying to get milk, the other detergent. Both times another woman stepped in to help before I could. The third time the eye contact thing happened, I just went for it and helped a lady grab a can of prunes from the back of a top shelf.



  • Recently been using free time to practice watercolor. I started an Insta just for that, and I’m thinking about going back to my DeviantArt, too. Lots left to learn!


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