Collection of Random Thoughts [MAR17]

  • Dreaming every night has been the norm for me. When I tell other people about my dreams, they usually look bewildered. I’m trying hard to get better deep sleep.
let me sleep like one of your french girls


  • My love for Fujiya chocolate has been revived.
so cute and delicious… but incredibly small.
what is this, chocolate for ants!?


  • I don’t draw as often. It’s gone from everyday to every few months. It’s sad that I can relate to the guy who works an office job, and once life settles down or in his retirement, goes back to his art to get a sense of joy and fulfillment he’s wanted all his life (not to be a Debbie Downer). I hope I can incorporate my interests and good feelings into my job, whatever that ends up being down the line.



  • I’ve been building a game where you sell ice cream. The idea is to teach basic business concepts and principles, mostly exploring the question, “Why do businesses fail?” I hope it turns out as dope as I’m imagining it to be.
Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.08.53 PM
looks more like a Starbux…



  • My friends and I are working on an app that allows students to follow along with lecture slides and have the ability to post questions real-time. I’m more on the design side and they’re handling coding. Not sure how far we’ll get… fingers crossed!




  • My left foot is sprained. The doc isn’t sure what caused it either– just for me to come back if the pain persists in the upcoming weeks. I’ve never wanted to go on a jog more than now.





  • Reminiscing a lot about undergraduate life. It was so much easier to meet people, maintain a social life, and participate in events. Don’t take your time for granted!
kids will be kids… #tb to last year’s Rae Sremmurd concert


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