Fireside Chat with Brian Dickerson, Creator of Brian Memes

While I was browsing Facebook on my phone, one of my friend’s shared posts caught my eye:

I reached out to Brian Dickerson, creator of Brian Memes, for more on his personal interests and his creations.


S: What are some of your favorite anime from this past year?

B: From last year I’d say Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and… that’s about it.


S: Were the anime characters you parodied in your video based off specific Naruto characters?

B: Actually they were based off a mixture of characters in one. Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho, Ichigo from Bleach, Pain from Naruto and Freiza [from Dragon Ball Z].


S: That’s awesome! I can see the characters now that you point them out. How do you draw inspiration for your meme creations?

B: Aw you’re too kind. […] I’ll be honest, I don’t even script my material, everything comes straight from the noggin. Every now and then I do set reminders in my phone of which ones to work on since so many ideas come to mind throughout the day. Most of my ideas come from personal experiences.


S: Letting the creativity flow right through. I like that. They say the best sources of inspiration come from daily life (like the ones of your mom calling). Can we be expecting another anime parody video from you in the future?

B: Agreed! You can tell when it’s real and when it’s far-fetched, either way it’s funny so it doesn’t even matter……and yes I’ll be putting out a series actually, sometime soon. The more people in it, the better.



During the day, Brian holds a job at Gold’s Gym. He attended the Thomas Edison High School of Technology for about 3 years, where he learned masonry, landscaping, and electrical work. He plans on utilizing those skills in the future to build brick and mortar businesses. His words of advice to every aspiring video maker:

do what no one else has done. First observe the masses, then do the opposite. And take notes on any unique ideas that come to mind. Then…take action.

If you’re interested in collaborating with Brian, you reach him on Facebook. If you’re cool enough, he might even give you his digits. Now that’s colloquialism.



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