Collection of Random Thoughts [FEB17]

Lately I’ve been having many dreams involving different forms of government. Sometimes I am an observer, other times I’m in the heat of the debate or an active agent working the field. I’ve had dreams where I am 25 pounds lighter than I am right now, dreams of hiding a period stain on my butt from co-workers, and tiptoeing to safe spots while naked in public.

In today’s dream, a 30-something year-old said, “Silly people, don’t they know? All lobsters come with parachutes.” A small blue parachute laid on top of a wooden desk, and a blonde woman in her 20’s proceeds to lift a live, claw-snapping lobster from underneath the parachute. I was amazed.

“People don’t have to buy lobsters at the grocery store anymore,” I said.



  • Years ago, a woman emailed me about using the pancake song in her recipe book. No idea how that would’ve worked, and I never heard back… she have second thoughts about including an amateur song(ish) in her professional cook book? Nah…


  • My favorite yoga pose of the month is the pigeon.
Oh, Joseph! Not in public…


I’ve never hurt so good.


  • Strawberry roll cakes are delicious. And yes, I devoured the creation below. Each bite was full of strawberries, hand whipped cream, and fluffy cake…


  • I have been busy going back and forth between work, research, and classes. Never has lazing and sleeping felt so good.giphy
    Bad posture included.


  • I got a late Christmas gift from Kayla. She had been folding paper stars from the time we met in 7th grade.

Her fiancee, Nick, gave me a hand decorated jar filled with chocolates, a mini Vodka, and a lottery card.

Unfortunately, Lady Luck didn’t want to give a hunnid…


  • Been helping with a Harry Potter trivia fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. The main organizer, Jill, is so dedicated to the event… she has poured more heart and out-of-pocket expenses than I think necessary. Looking forward to how the event will turn out later this month. Sneak preview:

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