Top 5 Animal Picks from Planet Earth II

Planet Earth II takes us around the world once again highlighting our planet’s exotic co-inhabitants, this time in HD. Artful camera framing combined with the crew’s latest technology produced breathtaking and mesmerizing scenery of each region’s distinct climate and terrain. You can almost feel the hairs and skin of fingernail-sized animals, and clearly see the faces of minuscule insects. The storylines of each animal, narrated by David Attenborough, flows steadily throughout each chapter of PEII and ties back to the theme of global warming.

1. Railroad Worm. In the darkest of night, a trail of neon dots are led by what appears to be Ruldoph’s nose. Highly poisonous, the railroad worm’s light warn others to stay out of the way… until it has its eyes on a millipede. (While it waddles like a warm, it’s actually a type of beetle.)

NGS Picture ID:618649

Ya’ll know I’m not a fan of bugs, but how can you dislike something that gets rid of millipedes?


2. Snoring Rat. Viscachas, sometimes known as snoring rats, must enjoy the early rays of sunshine while the temperature is still bearable. It gets so hot up in the Argentinian mountains that it must seek shade before noon, becoming active again in the evening.

Just look at that face. That’s how I feel every morning. This pick may be more narcissistic than I thought…


3. Lioness. While lionesses don’t score high on the originality scale, the extreme conditions they survive under show their resilience and tenacity. “Most lion hunts end in failure. But no lions fail in failure than those who live in desert,” Attenborough said.


Here’s a video of a lioness taken down by a giraffe (towards bottom).


4. Wilson’s Bird of Paradise (boyfriend’s pick). One of the first to capture the WBoP on film was none other than David Attenborough for Attenborough in Paradise (1996). A male WBoP clears a section of the forest floor and plucks the leaves out of the nearby trees in order to best standout and attract a female counterpart.

That’s not even the best part… I won’t spoil it for you.


5. Flying Lizard (boyfriend’s pick). Also known as flying dragons, these air gliding lizards move deeply and takes on delightful expressions in flight.

As a whole the documentary series suggests, in the cleverest way, that perhaps human beings aren’t the most interesting creatures on Earth.


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