The Fender Bender Before Trump-mas

Twas the night of elections. I got in my car after work ready to attend my friend’s dinner party. Then I noticed a thin stack of papers nestled underneath the windshield wipers.


The first note read:

I hit your left front fender. Just in case the paper flew away […] I have insurance so just give me a call when you see this. I took px too. Don’t worry-ill cover ALL costs. 

P.S. – I’d rather pay for it in cash so neither our insurance premium will rise – so call + we’ll meet to settle the issue.


The second note seemed to be a rushed version of the first. I got out of my car to inspect the damage. The metal near the front tire was messily scratched and dented uglily inwards. I contacted the guy, arranged for a meeting, and thanked him for his honesty.

The guy: Definitely, couldn’t just leave after that. […] Just trying the understand the car condition!

My friends and I watched the election unfold for nearly six hours. The host and his mother were avid Clinton supporters. At the end of the night, exhausted and mentally defeated, I was glad to know there was at least one decent person in the world. (I guess you could say the car-rent situation of America is a collision mess. Ha.)

The next day, when I was getting dropped off in the same car, I noticed there was a small note I had missed the day before:

I witnessed the car that ran into your car. The man looked as though he wanted to drive away But I stopped him. Not sure what he wrote But his license plate: XXX XXXX Black Car.


I laughed and shook my head at my naivety. Thank you, unnamed hero.

Do you think the guy really wanted to drive off?

UPDATE (11/11): The guy drives a 2016 Lexus, a pretty boy. He decided to go through his insurance company to cover the costs.

UPDATE (11/22): He hasn’t decided whether to pay cash or go through insurance. What he’s saying and what I’m hearing from the collision center aren’t adding up. It might be time to file a claim, my friends.

UPDATE (12/5): Claim filed. Last time I heard, his insurance company couldn’t reach him…



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