5 Animals You Should Be Obsessed With Next

Because pictures can speak louder than words.

1. The Lesser Kudu. I’ve seen them once at the St. Louis Zoo— which is free, by the way! The males and females stand on their legs and battle each other for dominance.


2. The Stabyhoun. So rare that it’s not recognized by the AKC or CKC.


3. The Marten. Is it a fox or a weasel? A foxsel?


4. The Black Flamingo. Black swan is so 2o1o.

Slayyyyy flamingo, slayyyyy.


5. And… the Capybara. All around family man, your better neighbor next door, best friend to Trump and Robin Hood, and also the perfect chair. Seriously, there’s a tumblr dedicated to animals sitting on cabybara.



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