Collection of Random Thoughts [AUG16]

I’m not ready for my PhD program. I’ve read so many posts about how to prepare myself mentally. It kind of feels like the doctors and nurses telling you, “You’ll be fine,” right before you’re about to go into labor and five seconds in you realize it’s not going to be fine. Or going to the dentist.

less than one week until chaos ensues…

E-mail is hard. I thought I’d be clearer with my words when typing them out, but apparently not. It’s easier to skim someone’s message and totally it read wrong. Read it wrong. It results in an awkward, “Are you even reading my messages?” and proceeding to conjure up an excuse about how you’re cooking and checking email at the same time (which sounds dangerous, but you’re living life on the edge).

Saving time through virtual reality. If we lived in VR all the time, would we be wasting our time by living in another reality or would we be saving time by breaking the constraints of our real world circumstances/situations?

if this is true they’ve got to make some major improvements

Tried to make my old router a wireless extender. Spent more than three hours trying to pinpoint where I’ve gone wrong…Followed step-by-steps to the point where I’ve got things memorized. Dammit “Kobe!,” I just want that repeat signal rebound.


People should take kids more seriously and read more (video contains explicit language). I can’t tell you how many times I felt like I was underestimated when I was younger. So what if I couldn’t actually play billiards when I was five. Shouldn’t the young mind be encouraged to become the billiard champion instead of being told to sit in the corner and watch the adults play? I’ll show you, ya grown-ups. 

Also everybody needs to read (actual) books of diff. genres and news articles from an array of credible sources. No more citing some rando’s Facebook post or a Twitter troll. Our ancestors have set us up for better than that.

Hot damn, Cheesecake Factory.

It’s my birthday month! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!

Let there be cheesecake. Just kidding, I can’t afford the calories cause I stopped going to the gym. I’m tired by 10 pm and never go out. Dear God, if I’m already like this in my 20’s, I don’t want to get older…



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