My Visit to Yellowstone Park (Bears Included)

10:28 AM I woke up with a sore throat. A bison munched on grass at the Yellowstone entrance. It was like a little welcome.

I wasn’t able to take a pic of the bison so here’s a water and some trees.

The first animal I photographed in the park:


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10:07 PM
Returned to Cody. I feel like I’m running up a fever. 😷


3:34 PM I forgot the camera back at the inn. Good thing there’s smartphones.


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4:15 PM We waited almost an hour for this geyser, Old Faithful, to set off. Not a big fan of tourists… Too many selfie sticks.


3:44 PM Bison. Bison everywhere! Herds of them in Lamar Valley, away from the crowd. My time of the month finally decided to visit on top of the cold… Best timing ever.


6:59 PM Right outside Yellowstone in Buffalo Bill State Park, we passed a grizzly bear on the other side of the ravine/cliff!

A family full of kids were breaking their necks trying to get a better view. There was already a photographer at the edge of the cliff. He told me the bear had been around for 10 minutes or so, having previously fled into the forest after catching their scent, then returning just now with a gash on its side. “It’s just been in a fight,” he said.


1:29 PM The road back always feels faster. Cold’s practically gone (figures). I’m pumped to go back home and work on ideas and projects. Also, we saw a juvenile moose between Cody and Sheraton.

What a fulfilling animal and nature experience.
What a complete nightmare to sort through all these photos. I have enough photos of bison to start an erotic bison shop.




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