[Yellowstone National Park] The Road from Illinois to Wyoming

DAY 1: Illinois to Nebraska
10:30 AM Dropped off Kiki at boarding. When the front desk lady took him, she informed me that I was stepping in a puddle of his pee. I was wearing white sandals.

1:17 PM Washed my hands in a Dairy Queen restroom. Discovered my underwear was very, very visible underneath my white dress.

Grandma Pantyhose.

4:15 PM
At the gas station, a young lady wore an AMERICAN BY BIRTH, SOUTHERN BY GOD sweatshirt. Her boyfriend wore a camouflage hat and top, his blue jeans held up by an oversized gleaming cross shaped buckle. An older woman walked by them and proclaimed, “I love Jesus!”

6:00 PM Slabs and mounds of meat at Jack Stack. Kansas City’s out of the way, but Dad was determined. Voted best BBQ in the country by Zagat, and they weren’t kidding. Mom ate the most out of us three.


DAY 2: Nebraska to South Dakota
9:00 AM Rushed downstairs. Continental breakfast ends at 9:30. They didn’t have whole milk.

10:15 AM Wandered around hotel looking for ice machine. A group of kids pass by the indoor pool with their chaperones.
GIRL WITH BRAID: I wish we could swim again.
BLONDE BOY: I ate six pancakesss.
GIRL IN LEG CAST: I couldn’t even swim.

12:22 PM First time seeing an 80 mph speed limit.

vroom vrooommm

2:03 PM
Lunch at Panda Express. Forgot I had a bar of chocolate in my purse this whole time.

noooo my new bag

2:08 PM
Stopped by Walmart. Mom had to buy foundation and eyeliner. She also informed me of her wedgie in great detail.
you what.gif

4:16 PM Spotted a little church by the rest area. Stepped in grass to take photo. Horrible idea. Not sure if it was worth the the numerous bug bites.

have I tried wat

Wtf is Wall Drug? (Future post!)






DAY 3: South Dakota to Wyoming
8:50 AM Stubbed my foot on my suitcase, again. While adding honey to my toast, the plastic container slipped through my finger, bounced off my shirt, onto my lap, then rolled onto the floor. Rough morning.

11:15 AM Reached the wild wild West of Wyoming. For a gal who’s used to IL flat land, seeing and experiencing hills is always a pleasure.


2:29 PM Took photographs of Mom. She started jumping out of nowhere and tumbled straight to the ground on the second try. She was upset I didn’t get a snap of her on the gravel LHAO.

5:21 PM We’ve already seen herds of wild deer, what looked like a young black moose, and this rat-beaver-squirrel thing. Later found out it was a muskrat. Quickly learning I don’t know many animals.

do the boogie woogie
wat u want bruh

We traversed the mountain road, passed a ravine where you could hear the water roaring from 1,500 feet above ground, and went through unnamed small towns that had an ecology of their own– sometimes rundown (closed shops, struggling seasonal businesses, population of 83 10!) other times folklore-esque (like the Shire from the Hobbit). All of which I have no photos to account for.


6:46 PM Finally arrived at Cody, WY.

Dinner @ Wyoming’s Rib & Chop House!

Onwards to Yellowstone!






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