[Master’s Graduation] The Fork Meets a Spoon. Now what?

I walked across the stage for the second time. I feel like the middle Pokemon evolution where you have to tirelessly grind until you get to level up to greatness.

Even though I had reserved ahead, I was still one gown too large and one cap too small. Also had the pleasure of being first in line during graduation… AKA anxiety x100.

I didn’t trip! And that’s what matters.

I thought I’d share some photos taken over the weekend:

Look Ma, I’m a soccer champion!
Blurry awkward incomplete group pic
I got so much shit for taking a selfie LOL
unnamed (1)
Ultra flattering action shot by KKT
Shenanigans ft. Rowdy Boys

Gonna have to wait another 4-6 years until I get to walk across the stage again. For the Oscars, obviously.

Or I will be paparazzi. PC: KKT

P.S.: In case you missed the first graduation.





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