Dedication to Our 11 Year Old Friendship


I met Kayla in 2005. We were in the same school for one year, before I moved and transferred to another school across town, and have kept in contact since. (Yeah, we’re pretty magical like that.) I randomly texted her back in February about the best moments she remembers about us.




1. We laughed so hard we thought we had to go to the hospital. My parents sat in the front seat of the car, Kayla and I in the back. We were trying to pick a place to eat and I tried to get my mom’s attention. “Mom…” No response. “Mom!” No response.

Doesn’t respond again, again and again and we were dying cuz she was just ignoring us even though we were all sitting in the same car lmao. You even started yelling Mom! And she was still like whatever XD…

We laughed so hard for a long time, and… after we finally stopped laughing, and we both agreed for at least a split second, we thought we might actually die from laughing.


2. Our first fight. I’m going to let Kayla tell this one.

we were in mr laravieres class (;o) for history or social studies.. And I was in a bad mood, like I was being a straight up brat, and you were just being cool, like trying to talk and make me feel better. Then I said something snappy and stupid, something I thought would end the conversation, but whatever it was, it was kind of offensive, and you snapped back. The class was over and we parted ways.

I had drama class next, maybe you had a music class? But the whole time in drama, I just thought about how we talked to each other. At first I tried to justify myself into being right, and thought ignoring you would be the answer, and as the class went on, I realized how horrible that was and that I didn’t want to lose you as a friend. When drama got out, I think you were waiting for me, or I waited for you, and we both met up and apologized pretty quickly haha.

I dont remember who apologized first, but I remember being genuinely sorry in a way I wasn’t sure id ever been before. Then we went on to PE STRONGER THAN EVAAA


Free photo sesh from the hotel photographer.

3. The not-so-great trip to Six Flags. She hadn’t been to an amusement park, so the fam and I took her along to Six Flags. We had McDonald’s right before and she happily ate two hamburgers, plus fries and then some…

it was super hot and I think I was dehydrated too, and I’ve always gotten sick easy on rides… It just wasn’t a good combination. I felt like you were getting annoyed with how sick and wimpy I was acting.

At one point you decided you were gonna go on a ride without me, and I sat on the ground miserably and waited for you. People were passing me by saying how pathetic I looked, then I puked in the bushes Lol

We both had our low points, but we stuck it through. We met as kids and got to experience growing up together. “You’ll always be my best friend… because you know too much.”

Anime Con. She was my Gangar, I her Pokemon Master. #HarvardGonnaGetMe
@ friend’s New Year’s Eve party.

4. The many, many inside jokes. Jargon to one ear’s language to the other. Our parents never had to worry about minutes, because we burned through them almost daily. We’d talk for hours, back when you could play with the phone cord, about anything and everything, and sometimes nothing. Sometimes we’d literally improv a conversation for an hour. I don’t even remember how some of these jokes sprung up:


  • Negil & Cecil
  • Flat rate box + Moonlit Wang
  • FLYING NOODLE! Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?

    Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 2.15.38 PM
    But I like my cheesecake, sir.

some of the memories kinda blur together.. But there’s a sense of home in them, if that makes any sense. I think everyone has those memories that kind of blur into feelings or a sense of familiarity, like when you walk through your house. You know its your house, you’ve done it a million times, and you’re comfortable that that is reality. I get that feeling too when I remember being in your house.


And even as I’m texting her through all this, including her quotes in this post without her knowing, we’ve been recollecting so many more memories than this list. Haters may have called us weird, lesbians, or out-of-place– but we both know we’re beautiful as we are, at least I hope you know I think that of you, as I always have and always will. This friendship has been so fruitful and awe-inspiring. I’m reminded of it no matter where I am or what I’m doing. 

Happy birthday, Kayla! Cheers to you, us, and happiness.

We made cake pops and they turned out beautifully.




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