4 Things I Learned from Spending the Night at His Place

While we don’t take turns fretting over the accuracy of our Seventeen personality quiz result or reveal all the details in our latest hookups, spending the night at a guy’s place can be just as eye-opening. General statements based on experience.

1. Most guys are pretty gracious… ish. He’ll make sure you’re wrapped in a blanket, adjust the pillow to support your neck, and ask if you’d like any water, beer, or wine… especially the beer and the wine. Wait, didn’t you just ask me five minutes ago if I was thirsty? Let me just go chug a keg and get back to you…


There’s a fine line between being a gracious host and another Bill Cosby.

2. Why do you have that catnip-patterned shirt? And how come I’ve never seen you wear it?

‘Cause your closet’s telling me that the shirt might be your best bet. #OOTD.

these kitten shirts tho


3. I am incredibly messy. He’ll make his bed in the morning, tuck the sheets in instead of throwing the blanket half way across the room. Kitchen stovetops are spotless and gleaming. Work desk’s neatly arranged, not a pin out of place. Is it a habit hammered into them from their mother?

they be at it like

More likely, they just like a clean home. Maybe I shouldn’t stack things up and consider it “clean”… Though I prefer the term “an organized mess.”

I help clean ze potato chippz.


4. Bring your best Iron Chef hat. We’re no longer residing in the traditional housewife days anymore. Nowadays, your typical guy can cook. And I mean really cook. Made-from-scratch sauces, slow-simmered meats, delectable pastries and cakes… you name it.

my qualifications? I’m rly good at drooling.
make me your sous chef

I didn’t learn how to cook scrambled eggs until last year. 😀

Hope he doesn’t get suspicious…

Can’t stand the heat, so I’ll stay out of their kitchen.


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