I Put up an Ad for Friends and This Is What Happened


Now to be clear, both ads were put up within my apartment complex and not on a pole in the middle of the street.

… Yeah, I felt like a creep.


One of the install payments of grad school involves throwing your social life away and adapting the lifestyle of a hermit. Your research is your friend now, child. I live in a single. I don’t mind solitude, in fact sometimes I bask in its peacefulness. Other times I miss my undergrad days fueled by adrenaline of constantly meeting new people and mingling.

hey how it’s goin’  / what’s good here? / you like pizza too wow

So I thought, if I wanted to make friends with people within my building, wouldn’t there be at least one other person who feels the same?

I went crazy in less than two hours after I put the fliers up.


My thoughts were like the crazy ex-girlfriend that keeps coming back for more when there’s nothing left, but she just doesn’t get it even if you ignore all her texts/calls/emails/tweets. She doesn’t get that there’s nothing in the entire world she could possibly do for ya’ll to get back together because 1.) she’s crazy and 2.) it is what it is.

The ads were all I thought about while I did laundry, cooked dinner, responded to texts, skimmed emails. Will I meet some psycho/creep/stalker/hybrid of all the previous? Will people tear the flier down like they did with the one about the parking spot sublease? I felt my heart tear in two. Am I just living in my own world of dancing daises and sparkling rainbows?

My plan involved not telling each other our room number or floor, in case…


Why did I put myself out there like that? Wouldn’t people– wouldn’t I in a stranger’s position– just view it as creepy and desperate? I could picture the jeers while they read the poster in the elevator, laughing it off as they walk back to their apartment complex full of friends, pulled pork, and mac n’ cheese.



I poked at my dinner. You know something’s horribly wrong if a girl’s lost her appetite. I needed to tear those fliers down.

must eat pulled pork + mac n’ cheese!!


I was like a determined black op waiting for the elevator. The surprise came when the door flew open: missing stubs. I had torn one off myself to give the flier some sense of false hope, and two additional stubs were missing, meaning… SOMEBODY WAS INTERESTED?! My heart began to thud like a racehorse on the track, joy pouring and overflowing over the brim, and I bounded back to my apartment in excitement.

my life was turned upside down within 5 minutes
EXHILARATION over the next 3 days.


>>> After one long week, only one person emailed me.




>>> Meet up success! It turns out we live on the same floor and are both in grad school. Also, here’s Chandler:

He is da best.

Friends will have a reunion special airing on Feb. 21st. ARE YOU AS PSYCHED AS I AM!?



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