Working at a Sushi Restaurant 3: The Infamous Girl Celebrity

“Come on, move faster, quick, quick, quick!” she snapped. Alright miss lady, whatever you say. I thought she was just short tempered. A little full of herself, but hey, I was on my second week at the sushi restaurant and she had seniority. She was a petite Asian girl who had a Grumpy Cat face and never wore make up… as far as I could tell. Turns out after talking to my Christian witch friend that she had a bad rep in the customer service industry.


This girl used to work at a local coffee shop and bossed her seniors around. More foam, less coffee, things of that sort. “You’re not even going to buy anything?” was apparently what she said to the customer who asked for a fork. She’d been talked about by two local radio stations, and a newspaper even had an article on her citing her as the worst customer service representative in town. Wow, I didn’t know I was working with a c3l3britty!1! #almostfamous

“All my friends work here, so I figure you know,” she said during one of our training sessions. “It’s money.”


I failed to find any reviews specific to her, but here’s a comment that sums up the majority of negative reviews: “The service is annoying in that they are always too busy for you, act like the atmosphere (pompous), and will relentlessly try to upsell you into appetizers and drinks.”

Other featured adjectives used to describe the service:


They can say what they want, ’cause it won’t stop them from coming back for dollar sushi nights.


Hot-headed Australian head chef & his stoic sous chef
Hollywood Writer
Infamous hostess

CASTING: Pirate Pete


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