Life as a Single Woman: The Rainy Day Boys


After impatiently waiting in front of my friend’s apartment gate for 10 minutes, I left for the bus stop just as the drizzle turned into a downpour. Thank god, I thought as I tugged my coat sleeve and adjusted the grip on my umbrella. For some reason my left hand kept getting rained on. My phone rang as the bus pulled up.

“Hey,” my friend’s guilty voice rang through the earbuds. “Sorry, I was talking to… and didn’t check my phone.”

“Talking, huh!” I snapped.

I had texted beforehand, called twice, and Facebook messaged… but like always the wave of anger and irritation receded as quickly as it came.

“I’m kidding. It’s not a big deal. Um–”

I stepped up the bus platform. Took the nearest available seat.

“I’ll just drop things off tomorrow before work.”

“Okay,” he said with a hint of relief.

We said our succinct byes. I looked out the window to see that it was pouring even harder than before. The trickling streams of water reminded me of a lake, the sky painted and smeared with a blueish grey palette.


I finally turned my head towards the front of the bus– and there before me, sitting on opposite sides, were two incredibly attractive men. One had a feminine feel about him, with pale, flawless skin and dark hair longer than mine. He wore muted colors and shyly glanced my way. The other was the complete opposite: taller, dark eyebrows, a fierce looking face. His bright yellow sneakers caught my attention. A Tommy Hilfiger sports bag lay limp beside him.

What a great place to meet them. (Eye roll here.) Might as well enjoy my eye candy while I can, I lamely thought. Yellow Sneakers got off at the same stop as me. We waited for a rush of cars before crossing the street, both heading towards a narrow sidewalk. I slowed down my pace and he caught my cue. I thought I heard him laugh as he sped up and walked in front of me.

How skinny, I thought as I walked behind him for half a block. Did he just come from the gym? He shouldn’t skip out on leg day… What are the odds we end up living at the same building? Like a movie? Does he think I’m stalking him? Then he turned at the corner, and I kept walking straight home with a pair of wet shoes.



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