Working at a Sushi Restaurant 2: The Hollywood Writer

We had our regulars at the place. This old man who lived directly upstairs of the restaurant always came in around 8 pm, ordered an alcoholic drink, and sat at the corner of the bar so he could sneak in a few words with the hostesses. Another was a young college man with a clean look, always got take-out. My first time meeting him, he left with a charming smirk and left my glam-bam trainer in mad giggles. “He was so into you,” I said.

“Right! You think so too? That guy’s been here so many times, and you saw what just happened. He’s flirty every time. But he’s never asked for my number!”

Then there was the Hollywood writer. I thought he was homeless. His whole entirety was bland: long grey and white nested hair, foggy glasses, a faded cardigan sporting the American flag, and grey pants. “He writes big screenplays,” my trainer whispered to me.

She returned a leather bag he had left the last time he dined in, and he was so happy that he tipped us all the cash he had on hand at the time ($10 dollars each). “You have no idea, I’ve looked everywhere for this,” he said in amazement, sliding his fingerless gloves over the bag. “I’ve had this since I started writing. It’s been with me through a lot.” My trainer began to blab about how much she loved to write, and how she had journals full of her writing, and how she wanted to become an author. It certainly was my first time hearing about it. He wished her good luck on her endeavors.


Weeks go by, and I’m at a Thai restaurant with my family. I see a grey mess from the corner of my eye– and lo and behold, the same Hollywood writer, happily munching away on noodles. Should I go introduce myself? What would I even say? ‘Hi, I’m Sherry, I got you your carry-out sushi order once… I like to write and I’d love to get feedback from an established writer… except wait, I don’t have any screenplays or materials for you to read! Well that was a waste of both our time. Enjoy the rest of your meal.’

I ordered pad thai and overheard a server call Mr. Hollywood by his first name. Guess he has a thing for Asian food.

Hot-headed Australian head chef & his stoic sous chef
Hollywood Writer

CASTING: Infamous hostess


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