My Friend is Christian, Queer, and… a Witch?


The last time I saw her she still had stunning long blonde hair. Since then she had dyed it black, in contrast to her pale skin, making her bold eyeliner pop even more. We were talking about a talk show idea I had, and I mentioned, “Wouldn’t it be interesting to have someone gay and Christian as a guest? Like how would that work?”

“Actually…” she looked to the side. “I’m gay and Christian.”

“Oh! …So how does that work?”

“I actually became a Christian two years ago. I was going through some tough issues, and a friend introduced me* and… it just really helped. And um… don’t judge me, okay?” I nodded solemnly. “I also practice witchcraft. Not a lot of people know this about me…” She identified as a Christian witch. Her ability was to read tarot cards and horoscopes, using incense for rituals and spells. Spells were elemental: fire, air, water, earth, and spirit. She preferred fire, air, and water spells.

“How do you cast spells?” I asked. For example, writing a spell on a slip of paper and then burning it would be a way to cast a fire spell, or dipping paper in water to cast a water spell. 


But isn’t the idea of witchcraft and Christianity, well… contradictory? “I know as a Christian, you’re only supposed to rely on God and stuff,” she said quickly. “I pray each time before I practice witchcraft.”

“So can you curse people?”

“No, none of that voodoo stuff. I don’t mess with that.” She shook her head. “I only practice healing magick with herbs and crystals.” The question now is: will she always be in the ‘broom closet’?

“I was born a witch, I didn’t choose it, and that’s what I had to accept.”


*Later I found out she had been in love with her straight (ex-)best friend. “God was the only one I could tell all my secrets to. I was skeptical of Christianity until, one morning, after I pulled an all-nighter in my dorm, I looked out the window after praying. I was unsure of how I would go on without both my best friend and the person I’d fallen for. I saw a rainbow appear, and I knew God was listening.”


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