Random Thoughts: I’m Happy Here, with You.

Heat and coldness, perfectly balanced. I stretch under sunlight. It’s moment like these I think people really belong in nature– the smell of the grass, the wind; branches perpetually waving goodbyes like they do at the end of a Pokemon episode; the soft embrace of earth against your back like a 1k Tempur-Pedic. But then again, I’m writing this on my phone.

I saw a boy and a girl walking by when I sat up and wondered what it would be like to be either of those people. She has long wavy brown hair, a furry black cardigan. A lot of hand gestures going on. He’s got curly black hair, tanned skin with a collared vest. Soft lines contour their body.

What is she thinking, what does he want? What are their backgrounds, circumstances that made them the two people they are walking right before me? I try to look less creepy by sipping on Canada Dry and pressing a button my phone. I lay back down again.


The sky never seemed so blue.


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