A Cheater’s Persuasion

“My friend is really against my relationship… but I don’t know. I really love her. I love her so much. It’s like on one hand, I really love her, but at the same time it’s like I’m young and in college. I’m a man with needs!”

“I can’t blame you for feeling that.”

Right? I miss her, but she’s so far away… maybe my friend’s right. Maybe I should just give up and look for something closer.” Colored lights dimly lit the room. He stepped towards me, tilted his chin down and our eyes met. The person he saw wasn’t me. I know what you want me to sayIt’s disgusting. 

You’re disgusting. “Maybe…” he said in a lower tone, “Maybe if I could be with someone who’s sweet and nice, like you.”

I half-smiled. “Maybe.” You don’t know what love is?


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