Collection of Random Thoughts [FEB15]

Today I called off work for the first time and laid in bed for 3 hours calling bankers and other people about adult stuff. Now I think I have to poop.


What if we had monster pancakes instead of corporal punishment?


We went to Meijer and I said, “Doughnuts!” Then Erika was tempted and we ended up both buying ones with rainbow sprinkles. Hers was pink and mine was brown. I like to pick pastries based on their shape, even though I know the visual appeal has nothing to do with its actual taste. For example, I like to pick doughnuts that are aesthetically round and has well spread out topping(s). The next day I realized I had no desire to eat the doughnut and was now stuck with a round piece of pure concentrated sugar in my fridge.


Celebrated a friend’s birthday and split the doughnut between us four. For some reason, they’ve taken up the habit to not smile for pictures at all when I tell them to look happy. It makes me wonder if they wish they smiled when they look back at the pictures later.

I’ve been jamming to Taylor Swift’s “Style.”


What does it mean to be mature? “When you know how to take care of someone else.” The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. If you take of someone else well, you have to put someone else’s needs before yours. You have to actively choose to serve instead of be served. I think some people would rather jump into an active volcano than have that sort of liability. Damn, imagine a whole family. Mad respect to anyone who strives to be a good parent.


I got an e-mail for free pizza. You really need to go all-or-nothing on the toppings. I spend too much money on food.


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