4 Life Lessons I Learned in 2014

This was a fun way to wrap up the year last time, so I’m doing it again.


1. Life is unexpected… extremely, off-balancing unexpected. Sometimes that’s a good thing (sometimes). You wake up not really knowing what’s going to happen throughout the day, who you might meet, what thoughts you’ll have and how all that will impact your decisions and, ultimately, lead you to uncertain consequences.


Knowing there’s always an unknown risk makes me want to take in the world like there’s no tomorrow. Everyday has become much more meaningful.



2. I know nothing. Just when I think I kind of have control of the reigns, life throws me off the saddle and kicks me in the face. I’ve been branded young & naive. There’s another level of the world I can’t even begin to imagine– a gut feeling about it, you know. I wonder if I will be brave enough to face the world for what it is.


3. Don’t take things too seriously. Anyone would go crazy if they took life seriously all the time. I’ve found humor to be the best medicine for all except Kim Jung Un. Have you ever noticed how the morning light reflects on objects in your room or the awkward way the stranger in front of you walks? The world will always move forward regardless of how you’re feeling, but this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to run away from your problems.

Walk responsibly.
Walk responsibly.
Photo Booth never ceases to entertain.
Photo Booth never ceases to entertain.


4. I am my worst enemy. There’s nothing else that holds me back. I want to become a better, stronger person!



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