The 100th Post on sherryo3o

In celebration of my 100th, I’ve moved some things around the site. A part of me feels like it’s a little harder to navigate than before…

Recently watched Prince of Egypt for the first time. Pretty good movie!
Recently watched Prince of Egypt for the first time. Pretty good movie!

I started this blog thinking that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. An update every week? I came up with a bunch of excuses in the beginning.

I’m busy, I need to do this, I need to do that, I still haven’t taken my 40th dump of the day… it was hard to sit there and stare at a blank page. It was kind of like having my own failures laugh in my face. So I wanted to prove to myself that if I put my mind to something, I could do it. I think having written this blog is a nice stepping stone onto even bigger things.


With that said, I’ve decided to stop updating weekly for now. In my attempt to meet deadlines, my past posts have been lacking in quality. I want to make sure what I’m pushing out have the proper story and visual. I’ll also be focusing my time on two other projects, both fictional stories (they will both be on the front page eventually). Hopefully I’ll be able to update you guys on my progress soon.

As always, thank you for reading my blog. I’ll uploaded another post as an apology for those who tried to access the site last week (・//ε//・) I was trying new things with the site but messed up. Sorry about the confusion! Now read my lips.

CU soon


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