My Friend’s Letter Gives Me the Feels

4 am on a Wednesday. My bedroom’s the only light still on in the apartment complex. I had just returned from a hangout where we watched movies and ate made-from-scratch Japanese cheesecake (she’s an amazing cook, among many other talents). We graduated and it was time for her to head back to the city. She wrote me a letter filled with many kind words; it made me so happy that I had a hard time falling asleep.


Sherry, I consider you a great friend and dare I say a best friend of mine… even though I was shy and a bit quiet, I always felt that you made sure my voice was heard… I will never regret accepting U of I as my college of choice and I will never regret being a member of J-Net [a student organization] because it is where I met great people and even greater friends. 

To be honest I have no idea where life is going to lead me but wherever it is I hope and pray it will lead me to [a] place where we are still friends. However if life does not turn out that way and we drift apart, I want you to know that you have make a great impact on my life… You are so friendly and amazing in the way you treat people and I believe that is why so many people are pulled towards you.

Sherry, do not ever let anyone beat you down or take away your worth. You are a wonderful person and it may take today, tomorrow, or sometime in the near future for a guy to realize this and when he does he probably will never let go… just enjoy life, enjoy being young. Good things are coming your way and I know this because I believe good things happen to good people. -Angel

I wondered what I could’ve done to have been a better person.

We put on a show.

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