And Up the Gutter

Okay, so I ranted about the bad stuff that happened with the whole flooding incident… but now the good stuff.

Despite all the shitty things that happened, at the moment when water was seeping through the bottom into my car and seeing the police sirens flash up ahead was pretty fun. Trying to stay dry, finding different ways to sit on the seat and then realizing we couldn’t roll down the windows was exciting. Unreal, like something out of a movie maybe. I knew the whole time we were never in any danger; the water was rising too slowly for us to drown, we both knew how to swim, and the car doors were unlocked. My friend, on the other hand, panicked like crazy and called her mom even after I reassured her we weren’t going to die.

Photo on 2014-08-16 at 16.41
I am Big Head Sun.

Eventually my friend and I did leave the car and waded to safety. One thing though: the police man who arrived after three calls to the station and one to me from an officer, all he did was stand around and watch us. Instead of  “are you okay?” or any other form of consideration, he just proceeded to stare and judge us. He chided me about getting into the problem in the first place. Well no dip, it happened already buddy. You don’t have to be such a dick about it. Anyway, the whole 4 hour ordeal reminded me of how much crappy things my parents are willing to go through cause of me. It made me realize things about friends who stuck through. There was this guy who showed up out of nowhere and offered to push the car out of the street. I told him there wasn’t not much we could do, and that my car was going to get towed so he didn’t have to go through the trouble. He was about 6′ 3″, long hair wrapped in a low ponytail and a pair of sharp-edged shades. The whole time I felt like he just really wanted to help. A moment passed when he just stood there along with my friends in silence as we looked at the car like an unspoken memorial. In the end, he helped us push the car out of the street, drained out the trunk and told us cool little facts about cars. I asked what he did for a living and he said something along the lines of a pipeline mechanic or engineer. He stuck around with us for a long time. His lady friend drank Arby’s and watched us quietly from the side.

Things always get better

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My insurance lady was really nice too. 3/4 insurance people I spoke with were all really nice. A particular lady called me at the beginning of her shift at 1 pm to check up on my situation. Most likely it was part of her job, but she pulled some strings and got it figured out for me. She sounded so apologetic too, like she had been the one who drove the car into the water. Oh, and those two little boys– couldn’t have been older than 19– who wanted to play hero and push the car out of the water before it receded. They hiked up their shorts, rolled up their sleeves and everything. Then they saw the water inside the car and chickened out; didn’t even try. “It’s too heavy,” the shorter one said. “Well, you’re getting it towed, right?” the blonde laughed. It was the gesture that counts. Every stranger I met was sympathetic, even if some of them did stop just to take pictures of my car (if my car’s famous… does that indirectly make me a celebrity?).


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