Aftermaths of NYC

IMG_1018I used to hate cities. They seemed dark, forbidding and ominous. It was too loud, dirty and full of people. Years later I find myself going back to the same city, seeing the same places and loving it for all of those reasons. Yeah it’s loud, but boisterous. And what place isn’t dirty? (Except Tokyo and Singapore.) And the people– man, the people. I think that’s one of the best parts. Seeing everyone from tourists to businessmen, dainty sale clerks to aspiring musicians. A city’s a place for dreams. That’s very beautiful in its own way.

If I were to see the present me when I was 10, would I be proud, amazed or disgusted? I see her mouth move but can’t make out the words.



3 thoughts on “Aftermaths of NYC

  1. Love this. And exactly what I needed. Except, I’ve always been a city dreamin’ boy. I don’t know why, but I always admired the city from the far in the cornfields.


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