Yukidon rebound 7/5

Ever take your nail and just kinda scrape at an egg shell? It peels right off, the surface as smooth as a baby’s bottom. We just wanna be the way we like. Sometimes that can be a good thing.

photo 2There has to be something about Korean BBQ, cause this drunk Asian man kept insisting on brushing past everyone in line and stumbling into the restaurant. The manager politely asked him to leave, then KAPOW! Slapped the manager twice. Of course it would start pouring hardcore rain as the manager pushed this guy out. Drunk guy kept rebelling, “You don’t understand.” “Stop touching me!” “Who are you?”

I didn’t know who I felt more badly for, the manager or the drunk. I wondered how they manage to keep the place open 24/7.

I sat across from a homeless man on the subway. He looked it, at least.

“Smell ma feet!” he kept saying. He had coal skin from top to bottom, the white of his eyes standing out like a tiger on prowl. He had rolled up jeans– from his knee and down to the bottom of his feet, his skin was dry and cracked to a indistinguishable degree. That’s part of a human being? Mumble mumble… “and then I told her, ‘Smell my feet!” He wore a black shirt with “Not Wasted” in red font. He hummed a drifting melody, then it was quiet for a moment on the train.

“In the words of the holy bible–” he said, breaking the silent tranquility. A few people stiffened, and everyone held their breaths and braced for a preach. He threw back his head. “Smell ma feet!”

A few of the passengers giggled and I couldn’t help myself either. I glanced over at Erika and she had a blank expression. “I don’t know if I should laugh,” she whispered to me. I thought it was pretty funny.

When we got off the train I saw a blonde man with a black cap that said “NO1 CARES.” He gave a homeless man a dollar. Young & Reckless.

photo 4


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