7/2 Bus Ride

The NJ transit bus headed towards New York. Passengers inside the cream colored vehicle sat scatteredly at intervals. There was a man in a purple polo, his overly gelled hair leaning against the reclined seat. Another man with dark shades spoke on the phone. “Si, si.”

In the middle sat two girls, one reading manga and the other unwinding to R&B. One adorned a flower patterned printed headband, her top and shoes showing the latest fashion trend. The other sported a simiarly patterned dress, just a little bit too short but she didnt care; she had shorts on underneath, plus she knew she had nice legs. They were both pleasantly surprised to find the bus well ventilated, the cold air blasting from the AC filling their noses. All of the passengers rocked gently from side to side with each curve of the road, subconciously adjusting to the bus driver’s accelerations and halting breaks.

Content in her own world, one of the only safe places she knew. What would it be like in Another? The world is so lonely.


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