Is Brooklyn in Paris?

6/28 | 11:55 pm | Some NJ Service Area

Today we went to a cave. Didn’t get to see bats hibernate. There’s a hole shaped like a heart and people get married there while sitting in a boat.

IMG_6655I reserved a French restaurant called Le Train Bleu online. It said the restaurant would close on Sunday and we planned to arrive on Saturday. I would like to reserve a table for two for June 28th at 8 pm. My friend and I will be traveling from Illinois and we hope to have a taste of the restaurant before its renovation, I commented. We are pleased to confirm your reservation for the dinner on 28th june.

Palace of dreams
Palace of fairytale

Weird, her e-signature’s in French. Must be an authenticity thing or something. Less than 15 minutes til our reservation and we were still painfully progressing through the living hell that is New York traffic. The road from 42nd to 3rd seemed like a lifetime plus some. Left turns blocking the straightaway, man. So we finally make it to 3rd and just randomly park the car. We rushed to the top floor of Bloomingdale and asked a store clerk about the restaurant. “If you turn here, it’s all the way in the back. But it usually closes at 4 so…”

Wait, it couldnt have closed at 4. We made a reservation for 8 pm. “Unless it’s open for a special event or something,” she told us. We went to the back of the floor and found the imitation cargo/trailer pitch black. After a brief investigation on Erika’s smartphone, it hit both of is that out I had reserved the restaurant in Paris rather than NYC.

… Table for two, please.


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