NY Bound #omw

DAY 1: Some rest stop in Philly | 3:02 am
Just one more state between us and NYC. It’s my first time trying to sleep at a rest stop and honestly I’m having kind of a hard time. When the car’s moving though, I knock right out.

IMG_1026During one of our gas station stops at 1 am, a guy walks up towards our car. He was wearing a cap backwards, a tank top and basketball shorts. “Hi. I need to talk to you.” Uh, okay. “Can you row down your window?”

What, so you can rob me?

Erika already pulled the key from the engine. Maybe I should’ve opened my car door and invited him in for some Brisk. I told him to just ask whatever he wanted because we were clearly still communicating through the glass. That got him a little frustrated and so he walked over to Erika’s side and repeated, “Can you row down your window?” Then when neither of us did anything he got irritated. “Can you just row down your window? I’m just trying to ask a question. Do you have a tire level gauge?” Erika looked to me and I said no (as far as I know). He left and I noticed he was wearing sandals. Maybe he was having a hard time on his trip. Maybe his friends were lame. But that was still pretty rude. Damn frats.


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