Random Thoughts: A Brief Midnight in Paris

Summer nights
in my casa, no, my castle

After leaving a roughly 3 hour amateur songwriting session, I went out into the night air on my way home. A guy across the street just walked out with his dog– I judged no more than a year old. It wagged its tail happily at me before its owner tugged it away. My bike, a reminiscent gift left by my roommate from Beijing, was locked around a thin tree. It was past midnight.

I sat onto the jank replacement seat and began to pedal. For the past few weeks I had been biking to work on weekdays, but never felt confident enough to bike without contact on the handle. Maybe it was because of the bumpy brick road, or maybe I had too much fun jamming out or maybe it was darkness sweeping me off my feet. I took a deep breath and let go of the handles.

When I didn’t fall right on my ass, I couldn’t help but laugh in delight. Opened my arms as wide as I could and gave a cheer that echoed down the street. How great it is to be alive! I couldn’t suppress my giggles, didn’t question the moment, and rode past an empty stationary bus and a stranger on his cellphone.

What was he doing at this odd hour?

Were you charmed by the weird girl on the bike?

The thought tickled my brain.

summer nights

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