A Brief & Curious Romance in Cologne

I wonder how he hugs other people?

photoI went through the mail lying on the living room couch.

The church (“Dom” of Cologne”) infrastructure withstoof the bombs. Before the bombings, the stained glass were saved, so the Dom now is almost as close to its original likeness. I’m so proud of you for getting into your graduate program 🙂 There was no doubt in my mind that you would get in. Until next time. J.Y.

I flipped over the postcard and was fascinated by the church building, the background information kindling a new admiration. 1946. That wasn’t terribly long ago. I wasn’t too fond of the branches obstructing the view.

My eyes glided over to the couple in focus. There was something about the man and woman and the way they were posed. Maybe they’re real lovers, I thought. Or they were hired. Maybe they didn’t know each other at all.

Even though you could only see the woman’s backside, there was something romantic and personal about them. If the building could survive the massive bombings and still defy time, if that man and woman possibly in love in 1946– captured in that exact moment and place– I suddenly felt hopeful for the future. I wanted to belive in something bigger than myself. I had no other choice but to decide on moving to Germany as soon as summer was over.

Just kidding. I was feeling hopeful, not rich. I couldn’t separate my thoughts; that entire day felt like moving through molasses. Reading the postcard was an unexpected moment of inspiration and hope.

Hot diggy damn, I guess that’s a pretty good postcard.


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