[Champaign, IL] Don’t Be Good, Be a Great Goat Farm


My boss was telling me about a farm where they serve fresh breakfast, only for a few Saturdays in some time of the year. That rang “limited time offer, get it now while you can” to me.


I’m not sure if it was the excitement of eating fresh food or the fear of oversleeping, but on that Friday I pulled my first all-nighter. On Thursday I had woke up at 2 pm and continued to be awake for the next 39 hours– something I never thought I could achieve and totally regrettable. Anyway.

I didn’t feel that tired driving up to the Creamery (anyone else find that word totally cool?), essentially in the middle of nowhere. The place felt simplistic, but comfortable in its own existence. I immediately noticed the age of the people there– mostly families with their kids, middle-aged couples and a few college students. I saw three of my professors there and, before I could realize it, instinctively averted them, relieved that my sunglasses hid my identity. Feelings of slight regret and guilt, but awkward situations successfully avoided.


While Erika and I were in line for breakfast, the guy in front of us started a conversation with us. He dutifully carried his baby in one of those cradle things while his wife was off exploring the booths set right outside the farm building. The booths sold sticky buns, drinks and other local produce. I believe the artists and farmers change each week, and so does the menu.

Best tagline ever.
Best tagline ever.

“What would you recommend?”

“Hm, well… do you like hot chocolate?” the husband with a slight Southern accent.

“I do.” Who doesn’t?

“Well, I recommend the goat milk hot chocolate. It’s a crowd pleaser, no one I’ve met has said they didn’t like it.”

I’ve only had goat milk gelato in New Orleans, which was absolutely divine, but I recalled the rich, creamy texture and it seemed a bit odd to mix with hot chocolate. We waited in line for maybe 15 minutes. By the time we finally took shelter away from the blinding sun, my friend and I debated on what to order.


YOLO. We ended up getting almost everything: pork belly sandwich, pancakes and a sticky bun. I got the goat’s milk hot chocolate half-and-half with coffee. The chocolate seemed like powder but the goat milk part was legit. A little bit odd though, kinda like blending in authentic china with plastic red cups. Oh, and since it was a goat farm, here are pictures of the living things.


Pancakes were, as Erika described it, “thick.” It was nice in the sense that it wasn’t sweet, and the goat milk whipped cream was a plus, but the lack of sweetness made it seem bland. I think I’m far too used to doughnut and soda-level sweetness. Yikes.

The belly was done like shredded pork, very tender and only a slight pork aftertaste. Loved how there was an egg and the peppers went very well with the meat. The bread tasted fresh and had a nice crunch on the outer layer. I would’ve loved the sandwich if it was served warmer.

As for the sticky bun: love the name, but not else much to love. The bun’s definitely satisfying for the sweet tooth, but maybe a little bit too sticky; sugar on the outer edges were burnt and the outer loop was unpleasant to eat, like dried pieces of toast munched up together. The inner loop was soft and yummy though.



Based on this experience:

★★★  out of 5

$ range: cut-rate | fair | pricey

Portion size: petite | just enough | generous

Tip: Nice place to take the kids on a Saturday morning. Get there early (before 9 am) if you don’t like to wait. Make sure it’s sunny, too.

P.S.: Shout out to Short Stack and French Hash. – MD Fries


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