[Westmont, IL] Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen Makes You Feel like You’re on the Coast

EDIT: Combined with an older post for a good look at their delectable desserts.

The seafood kitchen was packed when I went on a Saturday, past 10 PM. As soon as you open the doors, it’s like stepping into a dinner rendition of The Great Gatsby. Currently as the only Pappadeaux in the south-east region of the U.S., this restaurant’s probably one of the few where you can pick & choose your own live lobster. Despite not being on the coast, Pappa’s seafood tastes fresh. (Here’s an earlier look at their desserts.)

Okay, the bad picture’s on me.

I’m a regular for the juicy grilled half chicken. The meat’s marinated in a perfect blend of garlic & rosemary, put on top of substantial mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach. Squeeze the lemon zest on top for some real zest.

I’m not a fan of the seafood-y taste or smell, but Pappa’s flavors are executed so well, I find myself shoveling down their fried calamari and taste sampling my friends’ entrees.

Drinkers beware! All of their drinks are devious sirens. Swampthing, the signature item, packs a punch (at $10.95 for a regular, it better be!). While the raspberry, melon and margarita mix looks amazing, I found myself nearly drunk after a few sips (given that I’m a little lightweight). One time my dad, who’s around 5′ 11″ and 170 lbs, had around half a glass and that was enough to make him doze off on the way back home– the first and only time I’ve seen him sleep in a car.

Pappa’s the exact opposite of a quiet dinner. Expect friends and families to be boisterous, out-laughing one another and losing track of time. The restaurant’s much calmer and emptier during the mornings and early afternoons. Though a chain restaurant, Pappa’s taste is just like good ol’ southern home cookin’.


Over Thanksgiving break, my family and I went to eat at Papa Deux. If you get a chance to go there, be sure to order something off their dessert menu. I swear to you on my sweet tooth that whichever item you pick, it will be delicious and worth every penny.

Crème brûlée.

New York style cheesecake.

The best I’ve EVER had. The portion size is gia-normous, the strawberry sauce made fresh daily, and the texture is so smooth and creamy it’s like a little taste of Heaven melting in your mouth.

The world would be a better place if everyone had dessert once in a while.


Based on this experience:

★★★★★ out of 5

$ range: cut-rate | fair | pricey 

Portion size: petite | just enough | generous

Service: poor | fair | excellent

Tip: Bring a designated driver.



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