Double-take the Deaux

The seafood kitchen was packed when I went on a Saturday, past 10 PM. As soon as you open the doors, it’s like stepping into a dinner rendition of The Great Gatsby. Currently as the only Pappadeaux in the south-east region of the U.S., this restaurant’s probably one of the few where you can pick & choose your own live lobster. Despite not being on the coast, Pappa’s seafood tastes fresh. (Here’s an earlier look at their desserts.)

Okay, the bad picture’s on me.

I’m a regular for the juicy grilled half chicken. The meat’s marinated in a perfect blend of garlic & rosemary, put on top of substantial mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach. Squeeze the lemon zest on top for some real zest.

I’m not a fan of the seafood-y taste or smell, but Pappa’s flavors are executed so well, I find myself shoveling down their fried calamari and taste sampling my friends’ entrees.

Drinkers beware! All of their drinks are devious sirens. Swampthing, the signature item, packs a punch (at $10.95 for a regular, it better be!). While the raspberry, melon and margarita mix looks amazing, I found myself nearly drunk after a few sips (given that I’m a little lightweight). One time my dad, who’s around 5′ 11″ and 170 lbs, had around half a glass and that was enough to make him doze off on the way back home– the first and only time I’ve seen him sleep in a car.

Pappa’s the exact opposite of a quiet dinner. Expect friends and families to be boisterous, out-laughing one another and losing track of time. The restaurant’s much calmer and emptier during the mornings and early afternoons. Though a chain restaurant, Pappa’s taste is just like good ol’ southern home cookin’.

Based on this experience:

★★★★★ out of 5

$ range: cut-rate | fair | pricey 

Portion size: petite | just enough | generous

Service: poor | fair | excellent

Tip: Bring a designated driver.


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