[St. Louis, MO] Oberweis: It’s MOO-tacular

If you’ve never tried Oberweis milk, now’s the time. Founded in 1951, the company still raises its cows without antibiotics or artificial growth hormones. What results is milk that’s full of flavor and a delectable taste that can’t be found in other brand, plus it comes in a cute glass bottle.

mad creepin

Tile flooring, a black/white/red color scheme and 80’s music in the background– if it wasn’t for the wall of ice cream on the side, I would’ve guessed I had walked into a classic American diner… or Steak n’ Shake. The manager checked in with each table and handed out assorted colored balloons to the kids.

One boy told his parents, “You know, I love it when a balloon’s tied to my wrist.”

I ordered a regular strawberry milkshake. (Last fall, I discovered and cured my Milkshake Denial.) When they brought the milkshake to our table, it was literally overflowing. The milk flavor’s strong but watered down; there was too much ice in the blend. 15 minutes later I got a stomachache, but that’s my stomach’s problem and not mine.

The vanilla ice cream didn’t have vanilla flavor. In fact, it was pretty much flavorless except for a sweet, mixed aftertaste of milk and sugar. Plainly boring, but still good. When you’re working with premium quality products like Oberweis milk, you’re bound to get better results.

cow keychain hangin

In short, the ice cream and dairy store’s a great follow-up place to any dinner. Kids will adore you for an evening if you take them. Your friends who act like kids will appreciate it, too.

Be sure to grab a few bottles of milk while you’re out and about. You can also buy a shirt if you’re looking for a milkin’ top.

Based on this experience:

★★★★ out of 5

$ range: cut-rate | fair | pricey

Portion size: petite | just enough | generous 

Service: poor | fair | excellent (a little hesitant, but the manager made it aight.)

Tip: Go for the cones. The price is right and you get your penny’s worth.


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