Spots of Sunshine: Ways to Find Daily Happiness

A good friend once said to me, “It doesn’t take much to make you happy, huh.”

what's in da box
Yay boxes

Too many things go unappreciated in life. I should be waking up every morning thanking the heavens I’m alive. I should be grateful for the people around me and taking every opportunity life gives. But I don’t.

So I figured the little things that happen can act as reminders that we should be appreciative. The big picture’s nothing without its finer details, and that’s precisely what I like. Below are a few of life’s overlooked spots of sunshine.

I’ll fight you for the last piece.

1. Silent Sacrifices. No need to bluntly request for more thought or consideration. People who have known me long enough, or seriously putting the effort to, commit sacrifices that sometimes I don’t even notice ’til later. For example, let’s say Dillan knows I like asparagus leaves. He’d eat most of the stems and let me have majority of the leaves. Or if both Dillan and I both hate washing dishes, he’d volunteer as tribute anyway.

My grandmother, who passed away several years ago, made the ultimate sacrifice when she was fighting cancer. She pretended to have kept up with her prescription… I’ll never really know why for sure. What I do know is that she made a conscious choice when she didn’t touch a pill in the bottle. I don’t think she gave up on life– she was a strong woman and would’ve fought to the very end. But her family was her Achille’s heel. What she always did, she did out of love. It’s moments like these I feel that pure love does and can exist. I hope her actions can help strengthen some of you out there. Love you, grams. You’ll always be one of my heros and I miss you.

I hate washing dishes.
I hate washing dishes.

2. Windows to the Soul. Proper eye contact makes me feel valued and respected. How you look at me and for how long are factors in our relationship. (If you stare into a person’s eyes long enough, you’ll feel more attracted or more connected with them.)

I didn’t really notice eyes had a language of their own until last year. They portray things unsaid: lingering feelings, surprise, confusion, happiness. In a world full of lies, eyes are pretty genuine. The whole idea’s pretty romantic, in my opinion. Hollywood isn’t straying far from the truth when one person beckons another with just the look.

3. Opening the Door for the Person Behind You. 😀 This is just nice.

Makes me feel like a princess every time.

3. Please & Thank You. How someone treats others reflects how much value she puts in the people around her. If I invite Dillan over for the first time and he starts going through my drawers, how happy do you think I’d be? What if I had a bunch of unpaid bills in one drawer and porn magazines in the next? Is satisfying your curiosity really worth it? I’d feel pretty embarrassed if someone saw my overdue payment letters.

Shifting through personal things without permission’s rude and inconsiderate, and that’s only dealing with inanimate objects. So then how would that person treat people? On a less condemning note, I love the people that respect my house rules and are considerate with my belongings. Use that coaster, foo. Please and thank youuu.

There's only one washer & dryer in my apartment building.
Laundry’s OK… but there’s only one washer & dryer in my apartment building.

4. Kid’s Got Spunk. Nothing lets me know someone cares than when they take the initiative. Whatever the approach– an invitation to grab lunch, coffee or even just asking how I’ve been doing– shows they’ve been thinking about me, a little at least. I could be having the worst day of the week, but a short text or message reaches a long way. Anyway, who doesn’t like a little attention? These little instances of instigation, combined with earnest persistency, can make a relationship blossom beautifully.

some1 help plz
sum1 help

As time passes by, small things accumulate– whether bitter or sweet– and amounts to something grandly substantial. How will you feel after you finish your life’s bar of chocolate? I’d like to indulge every piece.



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