4 Life Lessons I Learned in 2013

If I could give some advice to myself a year ago…

I annually slaughter Audrey.

1. Friends Help Give Life Meaning. Eating out, watching movies, shopping… what fun is it alone? After a long day, nothing can make you feel better than sharing a few inside jokes and then spending hours talking about nothing (in a totally cool and fulfilling way).

Friends will help you get past the NWTS phase and the many more beyond. They might not always understand, but at least they try to. The good ones listen, the thoughtful ones try to decipher what you’re not telling them. Yes, friends do come and go, but you’re bound to meet a few that want to stick around– maybe you’re even overlooking a few.

I like the color of our drapes!

2. Roommates are Make-or-Break. You don’t know a person’s true colors until you have to live with them. A perfectly composed, well-mannered person isn’t guaranteed to have the same attitude towards their living space. O, the woes of maintaining common spaces!

When money comes into the equation, it takes that previous relationship you had with your roommate and tenderizes it; things become much more delicate and fragile than you might’ve expected. Just know that habits die hard… real hard. You’re gonna have to bring a few cleaning cloths for this one, ’cause either way it’s gonna end up cleaning a mess.

my failed proposal

3. Love Comes in Many Shades. Some are pale, some are bold and some are so subtle you don’t even notice ’til you really take the time to sit down and think about it. Each relationship has its #ffffff and is mystifying & beautiful in its own way.

On the downside, the feeling of being blinded by emotions is like mixing the most anticipated moments in a rom-com movie with the beginning of Armageddon; fun and exciting in one scene, total despair in the next. You never know what you’re gonna get, says Forrest Gump. Well Forrest, I do wish life was more like a box of chocolates. At least then it would be sweet (whoa! bitter train much?). Let’s not even get into sequels.

ma work

4. Stay True to Yourself. Fundamentally, we don’t want to give up what we believe makes up our individual “I”‘s. We don’t want to change into something or someone we hate, though we often hate reminders of our own flaws. Finding the Self, knowing the Self, understanding the Self… these are the types of questions that go on in the minds of all ages. How long these questions linger unanswered depends on the person.

The world seems to be crueler when you grow up. I’ve learned that it takes confidence to know who you are and to declare– or even just share– your own self-expression. People who are self-confident accept viewpoints of others without shutting them down. It takes guts to become a kinder, more considerate person. In other words, it’s easy to be selfish.

In summary:

Friends are awesome. Live by yourself. Love stinks (90% of the time). Stay beautiful.

Be You & the majority of the rest takes care of itself.

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7 thoughts on “4 Life Lessons I Learned in 2013

  1. Woot, first time commenting ever! Reading this post really gave me the warm fuzzies. It made me think even more about my own relationships and my own feelings. I hope more people look as deeply into their own lives as you do, and discover something amazing about themselves and come to term with their own flaws.


    1. Congrats! Thank you for your kind words. I kept feeling like the Grinch while writing it (before the whole big heart thing), glad that didn’t seep through too much. There should a line drawn before over thinking and over analyzing though. Hope to see more comments from you in the future!



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