Come & Put Your Name On It

There’s one thing that I can always go back to that makes me feel warm and alive. Something that will accept me regardless of how it feels or how long it’s been waiting for me…


I’m surprised my Instagram isn’t just a filtered collection of food. Maybe my inner 13 year-old rebel doesn’t want to give into society’s norms about foodies, “food porn” or “oh, so you’re one of those people” scenarios. I just want to fit in.

Not really. Now let’s take a look at this.

The ramen is a lie.


I’ve always been a fan of Japanese desserts– the textures are just right and overall they’re not too sweet. Not to mention, they look almost too good to eat… just like this ramen cake (cake cake).

Not sure about the “broth” though.

Can you imagine eating that much syrup or whatever they make out of it? I imagine it would be like biting into a piece of solidified sugar or chemicals. Or eating slime.

Maybe that’s why they’re not mainstream yet. Mini-bowls of ramen cake would be cute (like a cupcake muffin or something).

Mm, soupy.
Mm, soupy.


What'd ya think?

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