[Chicago, IL] Bloom on Bloom: The Chicago Botanic Garden

I used to wallow in an allergy-infested misery every spring. Not sure whether I’ve sniffed enough pollen over the years or if my body just decided, “Hey! Stop it with the allergies, kthxbye.”

 (Last post about the end of summer, promise.)


After the Ginza festival, my friends and I headed over to Chicago’s Botanic Garden. Admission’s free (!) excluding parking. I’ve always heard good things about this place, but doubted. How great can a garden be?

photo 2
Mad hungry fish.
photo 3
photo 1
Could I get one in my backyard?

Unlike Ginza, this garden’s far bigger than I thought. When I saw a map of the entire park it reminded me of Treasure Island; you had Spider Island, the Japanese Garden and all these other hidden troves waiting to be explored. A great place for someone who has got a bad case of curiosity like me. ★

Anyone can easily burn an hour just walking around. Taking a bijillion pictures burns off a few more hours.

36161photo 5135oqgeqoeighqo

The rose garden was reserved for a wedding. I considered crashing the wedding for the sake of pretty flower pictures, but possibly ruining someone’s dream come true is a little mean. Actually, quite a few weddings took place there that day.

It might be me in that rose garden in a few years… when I’m 90 and in my grave.

That romance shi.
photo 4

Just kidding. I’m not sure where this dark humor is coming from.

Having a few rose bushes would be nice though.



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