New Heights

I’m 5′ 8″.

I know this for a fact because a doctor measured me, then proceeded to proclaim my weight for the entire hospital wing to hear.

It’s extremely entertaining to ask men how tall they think they are. A lot of men that are shorter than me proudly say 5′ 10″ or 5′ 11″. Others nonchalantly say they’re straight up 6′ or even 6′ 1″.

Alright Yao Ming, I got ya.

★ I used to have problems accepting my height, especially when it comes to relationships (5′ 11″ and up… please?). Not anymore though– it’s like, who cares? I’ll like who I like. Who knows, maybe my soulmate’s residing in a 5′ 5″ body (and rockin’ it).

Some girls can only dream of rockin’ this minimum model height.

I can find easily find my friends in a crowd. Vice versa.

I would make pretty cool target practice.

Basketball hoops aren’t that intimidating.

And man, when you break out the heels in this height. They make your legs look amazing.

Just some self love for all tall girls out there. Stay beautiful.


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