Nature Un-collared

Man, it’s been a while.

A long while.

Somehow I’ve managed to survive without Internet for a month and a half. During that time I’ve accumulated a bunch of photos– all these thoughts about “hey, I could write about this and/or that,” then after half an hour of daydreaming, I’d have to face reality.

I had no access whatsoever to what defined half of my life.

photo 1

Well Sherry, you could’ve gone to the library or something.”

You have no idea how hot it was outside. Plus all my photos were still on my camera. Maybe I got bit by a squirrel with rabies and had to be hospitalized for a few weeks, waking up to find only a halfhearted “Get Well Soon” card addressed to the guy staying next to me.

Pretty sure hospitals have wi-fi nowadays.

Okay, I’ll stop the b*llpooping.

Not to sound like a Romanticist or anything, but life without the Internet did make me appreciate nature more (it definitely gave me the time to).

photo 5

★ I took Kiki out on a spontaneous (!) walk at an out-of-town park sometime in mid-August. Walked him for the first time without a leash for a few minutes, then freaked out that he’d run away/decide to sprint and trip down a rocky hill. Before I enslaved him again, there was a Kodak moment…

Hey, moss!
Hey, moss!

… when he trotted in front of me and looked back, like the happiest dog in the world.

 I’m free, it seemed like that’s what his face was saying.

Then I drove us back home and he passed out.

Yes, dog faces talk. It’s kind of a thing.


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